Review: Sonic Adventure 2

If you ask alot of Sonic fans which game is the best, they’ll probably say that Sonic Adventure 2, the 2001 Dreamcast game, is the best. But, personally, I think otherwise. Sonic Adventure 2 doesn’t look like it should be “the best” at all; no offense. It’s a good game, but not perfect, and I’m going to explain it in detail in my review.

1. Gameplay

Sonic Adventure 2 lets you play as Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Shadow, Eggman, and Rouge. Unlike its prequel, Sonic Adventure, Sonic Adventure 2 has two pairs of characters who are pretty much exactly the same. Sonic is equal to Shadow, Tails is equal to Eggman, and Knuckles is equal to Rouge. They have the same abilities, just look different. But that’s beside the point. When I got my hands on Sonic Adventure 2 to see how good I thought this game would be… I just didn’t like playing the game. Sonic/Shadow’s levels are a major improvement from Sonic Adventure…. and that’s it.

Tails and Eggman’s levels are reminiscent of E-102’s levels in the original Sonic Adventure. E-102’s levels were so fun, and they provided a little bit of a challenge with the time limits, while still being fun. But, when I played Tails and Eggman’s levels, I just didn’t want to play! The levels were incredibly tedious to go through. You have no idea how many lives I lost in Mission Street as Tails.

And don’t even get me started with the ATROCIOUS level hunting levels of Rouge and Knuckles.  In Sonic Adventure, Knuckles’ Treasure Hunting levels were fun, and it was easier to find the emerald pieces. But in Sonic Adventure 2, the radar doesn’t work, and it only wants you to search for a specific emerald. Instead of Tikal helping you, like in the original game, a monitor helps you out, which is useful, but very, very rarely. I would rather play Sonic 3D Blast than the treasure hunting parts.

2. Plot

The Hero and Dark modes have different plots, and if you were playing them instead of watching a “movie” of the plot on YouTube, you’d end up very confused trying to put the plot together. There are some badass moments in the story, like Sonic’s final showdown with Shadow, Sonic escaping from death, Tails beating Robotnik after Sonic’s said death, you name it, but Shadow’s goals are somewhat pointless, I mean, if Maria wanted Shadow to help everyone, why does Shadow want to kill everyone? Maria never said for Shadow to get revenge! I guess Sonic Team just wanted to put a villain in just for the sake of having Sonic get a rival. This plot is good, but feels like a Saturday-morning cartoon.

…Speaking of Saturday-morning cartoons, the Sonic X adaptation of Sonic Adventure 2 is a better retelling of the story, but adds some pointless stuff that kinda ruins it for me. Sonic Adventure 2’s plot would be fun and cool, if you were showing it to your little kid, but this is no literature.

3. Chao Garden

The Chao Garden is definitely the most fun part of Sonic Adventure 2. It’s like a combination of raising a Pokemon (considering it has stats), and Tamaguchi. Even though the gameplay’s bad, it’s definitely worth it to go back to Sonic/Shadow’s levels to collect stuff for your chao. The only problem I have is that they could have made an entire Chao Garden game for the GameBoy Advance instead of the lackluster Tiny Chao Garden.

4. Graphics

I shouldn’t criticize the graphics of a game that was originally released in 2001, but Sonic Adventure 2 should’ve had some improvement for when it was re-released for the PC, the PlayStation 3, and the Xbox 360. The textures are pretty realistic and the lip-syncing in the cutscenes are very accurate, but a handful of character models, SPECIFICALLY human characters, look very ugly. These games have pretty good graphics to look at, but if you want a BEAUTIFUL Sonic game, take a look at Sonic Unleashed or Generations.

5. Multiplayer

The best part of Sonic Adventure 2 ever is the multiplayer. My sister and I enjoy Sonic Heroes more, but we love racing as Sonic/Shadow in normal levels or playing in that kart mode. The multiplayer definitely should’ve had online in the rereleases. That would’ve made this game perfect for fun with friends.


Sonic Adventure 2 is nowhere near the best game in the Sonic series, but it is definitely an innovative game (for its time) and deserves maybe a, 6 or 7 in the top 10 best Sonic games.

I’d say; if you want a good platforming experience and a whole lot of challenge, give this game a try. If you want to take care of cute pets, give this game a try.

If you want a perfect game with no mistakes, this ain’t your game, mate.