Why People Hate Ash Ketchum

Does anyone know about the Pokemon anime? That’s a stupid question; of course you do. The Pokemon anime is one of the most popular animes out there, and one thing the anime is known for is its two titular characters, Ash Ketchum and his Pikachu. Ash and Pikachu have journeyed through Kanto, the Orange Islands, Johto, Hoenn, Kanto again, Sinnoh, Unova, the Decolore Archipelago, and right now they’re in the Kalos Region.

If you ask some Pokemon fans about the anime, they’ll say it sucks. They’ll also say that Ash Ketchum sucks! I’m here to tell you guys the reason why people hate Ash Ketchum

1. He’s a “bad trainer.”

Some people think that Ash Ketchum is a bad trainer, and from what I’ve seen in the anime, I can see why they’d say that. The majority of Ash’s Pokemon are unevolved, and the reason for this is to balance out the tough, badass Pokemon and the cute and cuddly Pokemon for the audience who watches the anime. Another reason people say Ash is a bad trainer is because he acts stupid when it comes to type matchups. Remember when his Chikorita went up against a Flying-type? But Ash actually is a good trainer. Look at his Charizard, who beat an Articuno, a Magmar, and went up against the Legendary Birds! Look at Pikachu, who beat Regice, Latios, Raichu, and finally beat Serperior after it, as a Snivy, beat Pikachu. Look at Ash’s Pokemon! They always manage to come out of situations that they’d never be able to accomplish in the games.

Other Notes

“Ash’s Pikachu lost to a Level 5 Snivy” – How do you know that Snivy was level 5? Snivy knew moves that a level 5 one would be unable to learn. Plus, levels don’t even EXIST in the anime. They’ve been mentioned, but they’re useless, like Power Levels in Dragon Ball Z. Another thing is that Pikachu lost its electric powers, and they wouldn’t have worked anyway because electric moves aren’t very effective against grass-types! Pikachu beat Snivy later after it was fully evolved as a Serperior, so yeah. 😛

2. Ash is always 10

Ash being always 10 is a bad thing, yes, but once again, it’s for the audience. Even though Ash has traveled enough to be 16, be realistic. If every episode of Pokemon was played back-to-back with no breaks, it’d only be 2 weeks. So Ash was pretty much on a journey for 2 weeks! Ash, even though he seems to be still 10, has matured to be OLDER than that. I mean, look at him in Diamond and Pearl! He was smarter than some WAY older trainers in the Sinnoh League. Even though they SAY Ash is 10, he’s mentally older than that.

3. Ash never wins a league.

The Orange League counts, as Ash’s entire team beat a Dragonite with more than four moves! Come on, that’s awesome! And the reasons why Ash lost were acceptable ones. In the Kanto league, Charizard disobeyed Ash. In Johto, a Blaziken sweeped Ash’s team, and Blaziken is way more badass than any of them. In Hoenn, Pikachu VS Meowth…. that was actually kinda stupid, I’d see why people hate on that. In Sinnoh, Ash went up against legendaries, so of course he would’ve lost. In Unova, Ash lost to a trainer who was on par with him in terms of strength. Ash’s Pokemon were just tired out. But I assure you, even though Ash has never won a league (other than Orange), he has still done some pretty impressive feats DURING said battles. Ash was in the Top 4 in Sinnoh, the most impressive of all of his feats to date!

4. Ash hasn’t caught them all

Ash’s goal was never really to catch them all, but to be a Pokemon Master. The requirements to be a Pokemon Master are never stated in the anime, so you might not even need to catch ’em all. However, Ash has SEEN ’em all in his PokeDex, so that’s just as good.

5. Red is better

Red, in the games, has a quite predictable team. Ethan beat Red, and in the anime, Ash beat Ethan, but that battle was a 1-on-1. Red, in the manga, could probably take on Ash and it’d be a 50-50 whether Ash or Red won. Red, in Origins, is a very strong trainer, but like his game counterpart, he has a very predictable team. Red may be badass, and he may win in a battle, but Ash is the better guy in personality. Ash has saved the world, cheated death, caught over 70 Pokemon, I mean come on! He can’t be that bad.


Ash is not as bad as everyone says he is. People have their nostalgia goggles on and they have to realize that Ash’s imperfections are there because he’s not God. Ash won’t win every battle, Ash is only 10 for Christ’s sake! A 10-year-old can only do so much, ya know? I think a battle between Ash and Red would be cool, but Red wouldn’t curbstomp Ash, and Ash WOULD probably beat Red. You never know. It’s up to Game Freak.