Smash Bros. 3DS: First Impressions

Let me start this off with two statements. I am a BIG Smash Bros. fanatic, and I do not own a Nintendo 3DS. I recently got the chance to play Smash on my friend’s one, however, and I have to say this version seems pretty cool. The only feature I tried was a VS. Match, of course. Mega Man VS Link, 1 stock.

It was cool. The graphics were incredible for 3DS standards, and the characters were as easy to use as in Brawl. However, the controls were half-good. Since I mostly play on the Wii U, I am used to the Classic Controller. The 3DS’s Circle Pad sucks for me. I would rather use an Analog Stick. Other than that, the match was enjoyable, and I was surprised by the new items and Mega Man’s moveset.

However, I would not buy a 3DS just to play this game. I feel that Brawl is better. You guys enjoy the 3DS version, but I’m glad I got a Wii U instead.


Review: Kirby Super Star

WiiU_screenshot_TV_0109DI remember way back, seeing commercials for the Nintendo DS game, Kirby Super Star Ultra. Sadly, I had no Nintendo DS.

A few years later, I’d gotten my hands on a Wii U, and also a Club Nintendo account. For 200 coins, I bought myself Kirby Super Star on Virtual Console.

1. Gameplay

Kirby Super Star is just like any other Kirby game, but with a twist. This time, enemies can follow you and become helpers. My sister and I had loads of fun with this feature. The only downside to this game is that sometimes, it’s super easy. You will definitely enjoy the boss battles, however.

Also, if you’ve played the Subspace Emissary, this game will be familiar to you, as Super Smash Bros. and Kirby have been developed by the same people.

2. The Grahics and Sound

Kirby Super Star looks absolutely beautiful. The colors are a feast for the eyes, though you may not want to be too close to the TV screen. Anyways, if you think that Kirby’s traditional pink-and-red color scheme is boring, you’ll enjoy swallowing enemies. Not only does Kirby have a cool-looking cap, but an even cooler color!

Sadly, the game is not 16:9, and has a bland, black border around it.

As for sound, the soundtrack is pretty cool, as it introduces classic soundtracks that reappear in most of the newer Kirby games as well.

3. The Verdict

If you want a proper introduction to the Kirby series, this is the game for you. There arw optional tutorials, and both newcomers and novices will immediately be familiar with the style. So, if you have a Wii U, 200 Club Nintendo coins, and a need for adventure, this game is for you!!

Review: Sonic Prologue

I love Sonic the Hedgehog, and I love fan films. After seeing the trailer well over a year ago, I was hyped! It seemed like it’d be a very good film about how Sonic and Tails met!

On August 2, 2014, Sonic Prologue came out. I had honestly forgotten about it by then, and I was like, “Oh, cool, a Sonic fan film.” I watched it, and how did I react? I’ll show you in this review.

1. The Voice Acting

Though the voice acting is impressive, it’s nowhere near perfect. Sonic’s voice sounds like Roger Craig Smith, Sonic’s current voice actor, but it’s very off because of the pitch. Every other character’s voice… is bad. They only barely fit the character’s mood. However, though it does not fit the characters, it fits the somewhat-dark mood of the film.

2. The Animation

The animation, over all, is not perfect. However, it definitely isn’t horrible. There are only a few parts that stand out in the film, and (in my opinion) it’s when Classic Sonic fights Metal Sonic, and when Sonic’s racing Tails. Other than that, the movie is really… slow, when it comes to the animation.

3. The Plot

The plot is how Sonic and Tails met, with a little twist. It seems like an amalgam of Sonic CD and Sonic 2, because Sonic mentions Little Planet, and the elements from Sonic 2 like Tails and the Tornado. I honestly didn’t pay attention to the plot in this, but I really disliked the cliff hanger. I mean, I know you’re supposed to play Sonic 2, as this is a prologue, but they could have given more closure to the story, y’know?

I also give kudos to how accurate this is to Sonic 2’s manual, as Tails was watching Sonic, and eventually got to race him. Sonic was impressed with how fast Tails was in both the manual and the fan film.

4. The Verdict

This is good, and you have to love it for all the effort the creators put into it. But, sadly, it feels like something that was hyped more than we should have expected it. I was fooled into thinking it’d be the best thing in the universe, and it’s not. But it’s definitely a good watch. In fact, if you watched it, go watch it again. Right now.

Review: Super Smash Bros. Brawl

I remember in New York, when I was little, I constantly looked at the Smash Bros Dojo. I always hoped for Brawl to be the game I wanted for my entire childhood. That was around 2007. When it came out, I didn’t know, but in my heart I always wanted to just beat up people as Mario and Sonic and this new Snake guy.

In 2009, when I got Brawl, that became my signature game. For five years I have been playing Brawl, (I still own it, too!) and it is the perfect game. I will discuss why in the following review.


1. Gameplay

Before I played Brawl, I played Melee and the original Smash Bros for the Nintendo 64. (My family had a small boost in money.) Brawl’s gameplay felt the same when I first played it, but now I have realized that it’s incredibly different from Melee.

Melee is more fast-paced and hardcore, and when I first played that I almost always lost. However, Brawl was much more easier. The best part about Brawl’s gameplay was that, if you are a hardcore player, there are some challenging parts. I have played Brawl for 5 years, and I still have trouble in Cruel Brawl. I have to admit, though, Brawl’s gameplay sometimes feels too slow for my tastes.

2. The Subspace Emissary

The Subspace Emissary is a fun replacement for Adventure Mode in Melee. It feels so much like a combination of RPG, platformer, and fighting game, thanks to the stickers, which increase your stats. I will not go in detail about the plot, but the best part is getting different combinations of characters to go through levels, kick ass, and get trophies, stickers, and other collectibles along the way.

The Subspace Emissary is easily one of the best parts of the game. It has alot of replay value, and (to me) is one of the easiest ways to unlock every character. I seriously recommend this part of the game if you have Brawl.

3. The Characters

The most interesting part of the characters is the fact that there are now third-party characters, Snake from Metal Gear and Sonic from Sonic the Hedgehog. I’m a big fan of Sonic, so when I unlocked him, he became my main character. Sonic’s very useful. The newcomers to Brawl, like R.O.B. and Wario, are also very fun to use every once in a while.

Though I enjoy the large amount of characters, I only use a small amount, because I feel that most characters are clones of others and don’t need to be there. However, unlocking every character is a fun way to spend time on this game.

4. Graphics and Sound

Though the Wii isn’t as powerful as its competitors, the PlayStation 3 and the Xbox 360, Brawl’s graphics look much more impressive than games on those two systems. Some of Brawl’s level designs look like a Nintendo 64 game, but the characters themselves are beautifully designed. There are minor signs of low polygon count on the characters, but the detail of the textures themselves are what takes away from that, and makes it look cool anyway.

Speaking of the textures, the unusually darker tone of the character designs is an interesting fit for the universe of Brawl. It better fits the fact that the game is rated T.

There is a very large amount of good, good music in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. Most of the soundtracks are just remixes of old songs from Nintendo games, but those remixes give me a total eargasm. Every once in a while, when I have nothing to do, I go to the sound test in Brawl and just move my head to how awesome these songs are! When you get a CD, get it as fast as you can, because you’ll never know if you get a good song!

5. Customizing Games

The best part of Brawl is the fact that it’s on the Wii. You see, the large amount of controllers (Wii Remote, Nunchuck, Classic Controller, and GameCube controller) fit to any different type of gamer who isn’t used to a specific control style, so if you have different kinds of friends, you can all enjoy the game.

Another (minor) part of the game that really adds to the customization is the ability to add names. The sad part is, you can’t have names more than 5 letters. However, you can see your stats for each name, like how long you’ve been playing, or damage dealt. It’s very fun.

The hallmark of customizability in this game is being able to make your own levels. You can create a wide array of levels, with different music, tile sets, and sizes. There’s such a large way of making levels that it’s practically impossible to make two of the same levels. 

6. The verdict

This game. Is good. It’s a big improvement from Melee, and definitely a recommendation for first-time players of the Smash Bros. series.


From a viewpoint, Sonic is dead.


I know you’ll get upset at me for saying this. I know. I’m an avid Sonic fan, and I started to look at things from a different viewpoint.

Sonic used to be gaming history, for like 2 years. In Sonic the Hedgehog and Sonic the Hedgehog 2. He will never be like that again. The only time I see Sonic being so close to the fame he had in the 90’s is Sonic Dash– Sonic Dash! But even with that game being so popular, nobody ever brings up Sonic in normal conversation.

Sonic isn’t as popular now. Nobody other than Sonic fans before really even like his games, I have to admit. Because of the damned Sonic the Hedgehog 2006, the series has been tainted permanently, and even though there’s newer, better games, they just weren’t as good as the classics. No Sonic game was.

It’s all a case of What Could Have Been. What If Sega made Sonic for Sega Saturn? What If the Saturday-morning cartoon of Sonic never got cancelled? What If Sonic 06 was better? What If Sonic X wasn’t dubbed by 4Kids? Sonic’s become bad around non-Sonic fans because of mistakes on Sega’s part. Sega fucked up. Sega ruined everyone’s favorite blue hedgehog.

That’s why I like Sonic Generations and Sonic Boom. The reason why I like Sonic Generations is because, although it has a dumb, short plot, it perfectly gives homage to the Sonic games. The reason why I like Sonic Boom is because Sonic Team (which is shit after 2006) isn’t working on the game. BigRedButton is. And seeing their staff, the games they’ve worked on, their previous work, hopefully Sonic will be back to the fame he had in the 90’s, back when he was everywhere.

Of course, I’m having high hopes, and expect Sonic Boom to fail. And as the title says, Sonic is dead. But that doesn’t mean he can’t be brought back, right?

Concepts For Team-Heroes, My Comic Series

Since 2009 I’ve had ideas for comic series. My most predominant idea was about three kids, Cop Kid, Michael, and “Poppy”, fighting a group of aliens. That idea has since evolved, and eventually I turned it into a series called Team-Heroes. Here’s the concept for it.


Team-Heroes is a large group divided into four “suits”. Spades, Hearts, Diamonds, and the inactive Clubs. Each group is a leader, and that leader is also a Team-Heroes administrator.

Team Spade

The spades are the group from my original comic concept. The leader of the three is Cop Kid. 

Cop Kid: A psychic mastermind who was trained by an ancient group called the Psyptr. (I think up weird names alot.) Cop Kid, though very experienced, is also very stubborn and refuses to work with his team (alot of times, too).

Poppy: Poppy has a problem with his brain that makes him hyperactive. The good side to this is that he doesn’t really get tired (but he still needs rest), and he thinks very fast, and knows how to solve problems very quickly. He also knows the tactics of his enemies after studying them for a few minutes

Michael: Michael and Cop Kid are close, and they founded Team-Heroes together. Michael does not share the expertise of Cop Kid, and is much more strategic than his black-haired, psychic counterpart.

Team Heart

This group is a group of characters from other comics of mine, who eventually became part of the Team-Heroes series. Team Heart’s leader is Bert.

Aikido: A foreign-exchange student who decided to stay in the United States. Aikido is a pacifist and is (surprisingly) very rich, and has his own shirt named after him.

Tin: Tin was formerly homeless, but eventually had financial aid from Aikido. Tin, even though he is homeless, is loved by many, in poverty and riches alike. Tin has built a small suit out of aluminum foil and has the ability to turn certain substances into OTHER substances.

Bert & Berdlocke: They are the only exception to the “3 members per team only” rule. Bert & Berdlocke’s brains are mentally connected, and they know what each other is thinking. Bert is a human and Berdlocke is a giant bird. Their hairstyles unintentionally remind me of Johnny Bravo.

Team Diamonds

Team Diamonds is a group of people made specifically for Team-Heroes. No other comic series or 2009 concepts or anything. Team Diamonds is a special group because the characters themselves have disabilities or troubled pasts.

Khisae: An African child who was threatened by a racist group of men. Khisae himself is racist because he’s lived under a life of hate. However, Khisae has the ability to change his personalities with the goggles on his head. The personalities are completely different people. Blue is calmness, Red is rage, and Green is insanity. And Black is normal Khisae 😛

Rupi: A girl who learned how to fight from living in the streets (she did not have a good reputation like Tin), Rupi forgot her name and lost an arm before she was taken in by Team-Heroes. She has a metallic arm in place and it’s very strong. You better not mess with her. Khisae and Rupi are very close.

Hero EXO: Hero EXO is actually someone named Eddie. Eddie’s father was very rich and paid no attention to his son. Get it? Paid? Huehuehuehue. Anyways, Eddie stole his father’s battle suit and (surprisingly) became an anti-hero. Team-Heroes took him in after he stole a diamond.


I’m not finished fully thinking about the series yet. I’ll update the article later on.