A well deserved update.

Hello, everyone. It’s been a year, a month, and a few days since the last time I made a post on this blog. However, I haven’t been dead, and this blog has still actually been on my mind. In this blog post, I’m going to explain how things have changed for me, and the reasons why I stopped updating this blog for so long.

First of all, back in 2015, I have to admit that I used to be quite a pretentious person. I used to be very rude, very asshole-ish, and all that. I even got myself banned from a website for my behavior, and it took until as recently as January of 2016 to get myself back on track. Since then, things have been going a little more smoothly for me. However, I simply stopped caring about my blog for a while. Even though I had a lot on my mind, I never really considered making another post on my blog until now.

What is the reason why I stopped caring? Well, there’s a handful. For starters, the devices that I used weren’t quite fit for blogging. I used a Nintendo Wii U and an Android Phone. (I still do now!) And nothing does it quite right like a proper PC, keyboard and mouse.

Another thing that got in the way of things for me is social media. I use sites like Reddit, Twitter, Discord, and Wikia. I like to interact with people, and I focused a lot more on my internet pals than on this blog. It simply wasn’t on my mind.

But honestly, even if I don’t have a computer of my own, and even if I value talking to my friends a lot, I realized I can always spare the free time to speak my mind and my opinions, right here in my very own blog.

So yeah, this blog is finally back from the dead! It’s good to be back.


Let’s talk Sonic.

June 23rd, 2015 was Sonic the Hedgehog’s 24th Anniversary. Two days later, Sonic Runners was released worldwide on iOS and Android. It’s just a mobile game, but I think it counts as Sonic’s 24th Anniversary game.

But, you know what’s bigger than 24? 25! And Sonic’s potential 25th Anniversary game has been the main topic for some Sonic fans. Some are even asking, “Why hasn’t Sonic 25th been confirmed yet”? (To be honest, a very small amount of people asked that, but it still got me thinking.)

I don’t think that people should worry about Sonic’s 25th Anniversary game right now. As an example, let me show you Sonic’s 20th Anniversary game, Sonic Generations.

Generations was announced on April 7th, 2011, and released on November 1, 2011. That means there was an 8 month gap. Compare Super Smash Bros., which had a 2 YEAR GAP! I personally don’t think that SEGA knows the meaning of “fanservice”, but I know that they announce games deep into development.

So, Sonic fans, don’t worry; a 25th Anniversary game is more than likely coming its way. (SEGA can’t keep a secret for long in this time and age, either. There WILL somehow be a leak.)

I’ll come back soon

Recently, I have not made posts in my blog.

I’m not dead or anything, I promise. I shall make more posts in June, and late May.

I’m going to do a Part II review of Smash Bros., the Sonic Boom demo review is, sadly, cancelled, and I’ll have more reviews in store for later on. I am also going to review Super Mario World, Super Metroid, and WarioWare: Mega Microgame$.

Hang in there, guys.

For Glory is NOT glorious!

Super Smash Bros. is one of the greatest gaming series out there. However, the vast majority of Smash Bros. fans still hate the online. Why, though? Because of lag? No, that was back in Brawl.

The reason why is because of the stupidity in For Glory!

You see, when I play For Glory, I like to have close, epic battles with a skilled player. If I lose, so what? I still enjoyed the battle. I’ll save the replay and learn what I did wrong so I win next time!

However, the REST of For Glory players are STUPID! All they do is use cheap characters just to raise their win percentage! And, to be honest, if I saw my win rate was like, 30%, I’d be upset, too!

The thing is, it’s just MADDENING to see nothing but Little Macs, Rosalinas, Charizards, and King Dededes! There’s little variety in characters!

And to be honest, the characters themselves don’t upset me! It’s THE MOVES THEY USE! Would YOU like it if you were bombarded with Gordos and Flare Blitz over and over? No!

And through all this, there’s only one thing to do to endure For Glory. Don’t play it. Playing With Friends is the best way to play Smash online. Don’t subject yourself to the torture of cheap newbies.

Review: Super Smash Bros. for Wii U

I know that I am late on reviewing this game. I know I’ll say what’s been said a million times. But I’ll also say that this game is the greatest in a series full of greats already.

I. Introduction

I have been a Smash Bros. fan since 2007, checking the Brawl website over and over again to see if Sonic the Hedgehog was added yet. It wasn’t until 2009 that I got a Nintendo 64 and the very first Smash Bros. game. And I have come a very long way since then.

And, of course, so has Super Smash Bros.

II. Characters

48.. 49… Yeah! I was right! Now, to wait for Mewtwo…

Although the selection of characters is questionable to a large amount of fans, there’s no denying that 49 characters is nothing to scoff at. From classics like Mario, Luigi, Link, and Pac-Man, to newbies like Dark Pit, Greninja, and Shulk, you’re bound to find someone you love, especially considering the variety of series represented and the different moves you can pull off.

Even better is the addition of Mii Fighters. Trust me, it’s so awesome when you’re playing as a Mii of Ken Masters from Street Fighter.

III. Stages

It’s even harder to pick stages than characters!

Feel free to call Masahiro Sakurai crazy when thinking about the stages in this game. Yes, I enjoy seeing old levels like Onett, Temple, and Kongo Jungle, but the new stages in this game are lacking. Also, it seems that there was way too much representation of one series than another.

Though, certain graphical improvements, the new Ω (Omega) forms, and the 8-player versions of stages make them just as enjoyable as when they were first played.

But the hazards in certain stages are really just insane sometimes.

IV. Graphics and Sound

Wow. That’s basically a summary of the amazingness to just look at this game. This game runs at 1080p, 60 frames per second and it looks absolutely BEAUTIFUL. The 3D models of the characters look like they’ve been worked on for decades! And close ups of trophies aren’t that bad either..

And by “aren’t that bad,” I mean “totally awesome”.

And the sound? Definitely just as good as the graphics. Although many sound effects and voice clips are recycled from previous entries, you know what they say. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!

But mere Sound Effects are nothing compared to the completely FABULOUS soundtrack! With over 400 and counting songs in this game, both old and new, you have absolutely no reason to complain!

V. Smash Tour and Solo Modes

Subspace Emissary sequel.. (not) confirmed!

Oh… Yeah, nothing’s perfect, right? The Solo modes are definitely quite questionable. Due to the lack of a story mode, the replay value is halved. Not only that, but Target Test was removed. Definitely a controversial decision.

The most surprising mode is the new Classic mode. Unlike 64, Melee, Brawl, and Smash 3DS, this is completely different then the Arcade mood that fans felt Classic mode was known for.

Smash Run is better.

Now for Smash Tour. To be honest, it actually isn’t so bad. However, it seems like the only reason it exists is because the developers wanted an excuse not to add Smash Run to the Wii U version.

VI. Other Features

It’s the tiny stuff that make a big difference. The fact that you can do things like see character trailers, make your own play list (kind of), and modify your characters really makes the game more fun that initially intended, and actually raises replay value.

Wouldn’t you want to play more to get that song you “really need”? Wouldn’t you want to get a custom move? It’s so satisfactory, even after doing a difficult task, to get an awesome custom move, like PK Freeze.

VII. The Verdict

Super Smash Bros. is like a runner. Every game was them running forward. This game, both for better and worse, is them having a relaxing jog, then looking back at their checkpoints. This game, in the big picture, seems like a summary of the series, with stuff here and there spiced in for good measure.

But, that doesn’t keep this game from being the crossover fighting fun we’ve enjoyed for so long.


Sonic Adventure DX: Review

Sonic the Hedgehog has been quite a questionable series recently. People tend to absolutely despise the bad games and announce the series’ death! Are they wrong? Well, no. Are they right? Well…. no. You see, although Sonic has had nothing but horrid games recently, people tend to ignore the good games Sonic managed to make.

Even though Sonic will never be considered one of the best gaming series ever, people have to admire the effort the developers USED to have, and the hype fans have experienced over and over. I think one of the first types of these games is the game Sonic Adventure. In the following review, which may be one of my longest, I will review the game in detail and see if the game is any deserving of the hype it had in the late 90’s. Let’s begin!
Keep in mind that I am actually reviewing the PC version of Sonic Adventure DX: Director’s Cut.

I. Introduction
Sonic Adventure was the product of absolute hype. There weren’t any “main series” Sonic games since 1994, and there was a new Dreamcast system by Sega coming out in the United States. Sonic Adventure was a launch title. Of course, there was lots of anticipation!

I wasn’t alive back when that was out, but I fear that due to Sonic Adventure being overhyped, the review scores were raised quite a bit too much. And, Sonic Adenture (in its DX form) was re-released quite recently for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. I dare not check these recent reviews–whoever reviews Sonic these days must be incredibly biased.
But Sonic Adventure still ended up pretty successful, at least back then, and was Sonic’s entry–though quite late– into 3D platforming. But I digress. Time to properly go into the review!

II. The Story
The story of Sonic Adventure isn’t a selling point of the game, but still quite important. Each of the characters of the game, (Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Big, and E-102 Gamma), have their part in the story. To be truly honest, I haven’t really finished the story of each character anyway, so I apologize.

To summarize, the story is about a monster called Chaos. Chaos was sealed in the Master Emerald thousands of years ago, after almost destroying an entire civilization. In the present, Knuckles, the current guardian of said Master Emerald, is ambushed by Chaos, who happens to be released by another villian, Dr. Robotnik, (or Dr. Eggman).
Eventually, each character gets caught up in problems as a result of Chaos’ release, such and such, and Sonic defeats Chaos. I apologize for such a vague summarization, but I don’t want to give spoilers!

The story, to be honest, isn’t half bad. I personally find it fun to piece together the puzzles of the plot for each character.
But the story should never be your prime focus for a Sonic game. Otherwise, you’d be in for a bad experience.

III. The Sound, Graphics, etc.
Sonic Adventure, in terms of these things, is a very outdated game. No offense, but the graphics definitely haven’t aged well. Light reflects off of most of the character models as if they were made of plastic. And the levels look really bad! Even though the Dreamcast was very powerful at the time, Sonic Adventure looks like it’s for the first PlayStation! And the way the models’ mouths move when they’re talking— the definition of outdated!
But I shouldn’t judge too much. For its time, Sonic Adventure’s graphics aren’t THAT bad. But in this age, it’s definitely awful. Like comparing a “1080p 60 frames per second” game to something on the original Nintendo! But I digress.
The sound effects are pretty good, and somewhat realistic, like Sonic’s jumping and the sound of rings being collected. I think that they’re ripped directly from the Genesis games, too, albeit with a different pitch.
Ugh, the voice acting. The voice actors themselves sound pretty good, but the way they deliver lines sounds terrible. It’s as if each voice actor were in a different room when they were recording lines, which would be the only explanation. The characters talk to each other awkwardly.
But a few voices, like Sonic’s, Amy’s, and Eggman’s, fit their character quite well, and this game has a few infamous lines amongst Sonic fans. Other than that, Sonic Adventure doesn’t offer much in terms of graphics, and especially not voice acting.

IV. The Gameplay (Core)
Each character has different styles of play, but control the same way. They all run, jump, and attack, but their levels play differently.
Sonic’s gameplay is, usually, to get from Point A to Point B; sometimes, you have to fight a boss or collect a certain amount of rings, but other than that, they never really change. Tails’ gameplay is pretty much an abridged version of Sonic’s. And even then, Tails participates in only a segment of Sonic’s plot. In Tails’s levels, you go through portions of Sonic’s levels, and race either Sonic (or Eggman) to the end of a level.
From here on, this is where the characters get more diverse. Knuckles, due to the Master Emerald being shattered, must collect three peices of the emerald in each level. Once again, Knuckles’ levels are in segments of Sonic’s levels. Knuckles’ levels are both challenging and fun, and easy to complete whether you want to find them on your own or need help.
However, the different gameplays start to get a little stale from here. Amy Rose has to run from a robot through multiple levels. SOME of Amy’s levels are segments of Sonic’s, but Amy has a few of her own original levels as well. The problem with Amy is that her story’s really, really short.
In order to save the worst for last, the next character is E-102 Gamma. Gamma’s gameplay actually isn’t that bad! But, it’s repetitive. Gamma goes through segments of levels (once again), and what’s his goal? Shoot everything in sight. Gamma’s levels are pretty fun, but get boring quickly. I personally think it’s best to play them in short increments.
And, the worst. Big the Cat! Big’s levels aren’t fast, and all you do is… fish! They’re a major change of pace from the mindless, speedy action you see normally in Sonic. In fact, that’s the reason why Big EXISTS in the first place–a change of pace! It’s somewhat amusing to see Big’s victory dance when he wins a level, but other than that, you won’t ever play as this guy unless you want to 100% the game.
Another thing that all of the characters have in common is that they all navigate a hub world. It seems a little fun at first, but it’s so large, and it gets in the way more than it lets you navigate levels. I’ve played this game multiple times, and I have no idea which of the hub worlds has which level yet! It’s frustrating.
V. The Gameplay (Other forms)
There are quite alot of distractions from the core game, if you’re tired of running, shooting enemies, and… fishing. Every character can go to “Twinkle Circuit”, which is kind of like Mario Kart. It’d be fun, but it’s always the same track, and there’s no one else to race, and the physics of this aren’t exactly perfect.
A few characters, however, have their own exclusive minigames. For example, Sonic and Tails have Sky Chase, Sand Hill, and Ice Cap. And Amy has the Hedgehog Hammer thing. They’re both pretty fun, at first, but if you play them over and over, they get boring, reaaal quick.
But, all of those pale in comparison to what pretty much is the “other side” of Sonic Adventure. The Chao Garden. The Chao Garden can be either super-boring or super-fun depending on who you are. You raise Chaos, pretty much, but the fun of it all is the variety! In the Chao Garden, there is a Black Market. You can buy hats, food, et cetera, and give them to your chao. You can raise up to 24 of them; three in each garden, for each of the hub worlds.
One of the best parts of the Chao Garden is that the rings you collect and the animals you save in the levels can be brought back and be GIVEN to your Chao! It raises their statistics! It can be quite fun, but if you’re not that type of person, well…. you won’t enjoy the chao garden!

VI. The Gameplay (Replay Value)
Sonic Adventure has quite alot to offer, but the majority of it is supposed to be unlocked. For example, if you completed Adventure mode with every character (including Super Sonic, who himself is unlockable), then you get Metal Sonic in the Trial mode! Also, you can get “minigames”, which are actually the Sonic games for the Sega Game Gear. All of these are for the GameCube/PC version only.

Another GameCube/PC exclusive is the Mission mode. I, personally, dislike it, but to each their own. In the Mission mode, you, well, do missions! Each character has their own mission mode, too, and missions range from getting an item in a level or hub world, or collecting a certain amount of rings, to moving a burger guy statue to a certain part of the city.

But if you don’t have the DX: Director’s Cut version of Sonic Adventure, there is still a litte bit of replay value. You could always go back to the levels again if you needed animals for your Chao Garden.
But, sadly, after playing it enough, Sonic Adventure ends up like an orange. You suck all the juice out of it and you still want more.

VII. The Verdict
Sonic Adventure is, for its time, something truly ambitious. It has alot to offer, such as the Chao Garden, which hasn’t been in the Sonic series for 13 years, and a few classic levels, voice actors, and cutscenes, but other than that…. Sonic Adventure is now only a speck of dust in the vast planet of gaming history.
But, still, it’s definitely worth a try for Sonic fans and normal gamers alike, but if you’re looking to play something that will last for a long time, this game isn’t for you.

I usually don’t give ratings in my reviews, but Sonic Adventure gets an 8.5/10. The reason why it’s not a perfect score is because, well, there’s so many gaping flaws in Sonic Adventure. You’d be surprised this didn’t get a 5/10 or lower! The problem with Sonic Adventure is that it isn’t a timeless experience. It didn’t age well. Now, the only reason to come back to the game is for reasons I mentioned above.

But Sonic Adventure’s not a bad game, at all. In fact, one has every right to call it the best Sonic game ever. But… it just didn’t age well.

Review: RoL Demo (1/3)

I chose this one last.
I chose this one last.

Alright, boring stuff first. Sonic Boom has these auto-run sections, and they’re supposed to be fun, but they just remind me of Sonic Dash. I hate talking about these, so I’ll keep it short.

You run alot, of course, and occasionally you use the new Enerbeam feature. But, it just feels…. artificial.


“Built for speed.” Huh.