A well deserved update.

Hello, everyone. It’s been a year, a month, and a few days since the last time I made a post on this blog. However, I haven’t been dead, and this blog has still actually been on my mind. In this blog post, I’m going to explain how things have changed for me, and the reasons why I stopped updating this blog for so long.

First of all, back in 2015, I have to admit that I used to be quite a pretentious person. I used to be very rude, very asshole-ish, and all that. I even got myself banned from a website for my behavior, and it took until as recently as January of 2016 to get myself back on track. Since then, things have been going a little more smoothly for me. However, I simply stopped caring about my blog for a while. Even though I had a lot on my mind, I never really considered making another post on my blog until now.

What is the reason why I stopped caring? Well, there’s a handful. For starters, the devices that I used weren’t quite fit for blogging. I used a Nintendo Wii U and an Android Phone. (I still do now!) And nothing does it quite right like a proper PC, keyboard and mouse.

Another thing that got in the way of things for me is social media. I use sites like Reddit, Twitter, Discord, and Wikia. I like to interact with people, and I focused a lot more on my internet pals than on this blog. It simply wasn’t on my mind.

But honestly, even if I don’t have a computer of my own, and even if I value talking to my friends a lot, I realized I can always spare the free time to speak my mind and my opinions, right here in my very own blog.

So yeah, this blog is finally back from the dead! It’s good to be back.


Author: MrBreada

Gaming man. I update my blog biannually.

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