Let’s talk Sonic.

June 23rd, 2015 was Sonic the Hedgehog’s 24th Anniversary. Two days later, Sonic Runners was released worldwide on iOS and Android. It’s just a mobile game, but I think it counts as Sonic’s 24th Anniversary game.

But, you know what’s bigger than 24? 25! And Sonic’s potential 25th Anniversary game has been the main topic for some Sonic fans. Some are even asking, “Why hasn’t Sonic 25th been confirmed yet”? (To be honest, a very small amount of people asked that, but it still got me thinking.)

I don’t think that people should worry about Sonic’s 25th Anniversary game right now. As an example, let me show you Sonic’s 20th Anniversary game, Sonic Generations.

Generations was announced on April 7th, 2011, and released on November 1, 2011. That means there was an 8 month gap. Compare Super Smash Bros., which had a 2 YEAR GAP! I personally don’t think that SEGA knows the meaning of “fanservice”, but I know that they announce games deep into development.

So, Sonic fans, don’t worry; a 25th Anniversary game is more than likely coming its way. (SEGA can’t keep a secret for long in this time and age, either. There WILL somehow be a leak.)


Author: MrBreada

Gaming man. I update my blog biannually.

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