For Glory is NOT glorious!

Super Smash Bros. is one of the greatest gaming series out there. However, the vast majority of Smash Bros. fans still hate the online. Why, though? Because of lag? No, that was back in Brawl.

The reason why is because of the stupidity in For Glory!

You see, when I play For Glory, I like to have close, epic battles with a skilled player. If I lose, so what? I still enjoyed the battle. I’ll save the replay and learn what I did wrong so I win next time!

However, the REST of For Glory players are STUPID! All they do is use cheap characters just to raise their win percentage! And, to be honest, if I saw my win rate was like, 30%, I’d be upset, too!

The thing is, it’s just MADDENING to see nothing but Little Macs, Rosalinas, Charizards, and King Dededes! There’s little variety in characters!

And to be honest, the characters themselves don’t upset me! It’s THE MOVES THEY USE! Would YOU like it if you were bombarded with Gordos and Flare Blitz over and over? No!

And through all this, there’s only one thing to do to endure For Glory. Don’t play it. Playing With Friends is the best way to play Smash online. Don’t subject yourself to the torture of cheap newbies.


Author: MrBreada

Gaming man. I update my blog biannually.

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