Different Types of Sonic Fans

Sonic the Hedgehog is a series that’s gotten alot of hate recently. The two new Sonic Boom games, Rise of Lyric and Shattered Crystal, have received multiple terrible reviews from many critics. This is even most disappointing to Sonic fans, who really anticipated the game, only for it to be a letdown. This leaves many Sonic fans divided.

I feel that, considering the many types of Sonic games, there must be many types of Sonic fans as well. I feel it’s my job jn this blog post to try to categorize all of them.

One of the most notable types of Sonic fans is The Pessimist. These fans like Sonic, but rarely anticipate the games and don’t pull punches when criticising them.

Another type of fan is the Modern Lover. One who enjoys most of the recent games. A Modern Lover may even like the Sonic Boom games!

This brings us to the Dreamcast Lover. Someone born before the Modern Lover, so they can enjoy most Sonic games in the 2000’s. A Dreamcast Lover is fond of games like the Adventure and Advance series, Sonic Heroes, and a few other games. Dreamcast Lovers aren’t that common.

Speaking of Dreamcast, Sonic Adventure and Adventure 2 are popular among the Sonic fandom because of the introduction of new designs and fan favorite characters. Some also loved the darker tone seen in the plot, or the music, or the voice acting. Sonic Adventure and Adventure 2 are considered the best in the entire franchise, despite having inevitable flaws.

There’s another trio of Sonic games that are ALSO loved by fans. Those three are Unleashed, Colors, and Generations. Almost every Modern Sonic fan considers Sonic Generations the best in the series, and even among the best games of all time!

…A somewhat obnoxious type of fan is the Classic Fan. The Genesis Sonic games are classics, up there with Super Mario Bros. and The Legend of Zelda for Nintendo. The Classic Sonic games are considered the best among critics, but alot of fans prefer the newer ones. There are still a bit of Classic Fans, and they aren’t afraid to show it. Classic Fans are a little obnoxious because some are biased to only that, but I think bias is the definitive flaw of the Sonic fandom entirely.

Classic Sonic Fans’ favorite games are usually Sonic CD, because of its soundtrack, or Sonic 3 & Knuckles, for just being the most satisfying.

A VERY rare fan is the Neutral Fan. Someone who likes the good Sonic games and dislkes the “bad ones”.

Another type of Sonic fan is one who likes EVERYTHING Sonic, even Sonic 06. There’s nothing wrong with this type of fan. They are willing to cut Sonic some slack and enjoy his games.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg in the Sonic fandom. There are comics, TV shows, and even novels of Sonic the Hedgehog. Of course, there will be fans of those as well.

The most common of the miscellaneous Sonic fans are the fans of the 1993 Sonic cartoons, AoStH and SatAM. These fans are notable because the two shows appeal to different audiences. SatAM is more popular, as that show had a cliff-hanger ending, and fans still seek closure.

There are also fans of Sonic Underground, which is considered bad. Sonic Underground had bad animation, but is still enjoyed by some. It, much like its predecessor, SatAM, ended on a cliff-hanger.

The most popular of the miscellaneous Sonic fans are the Sonic X fans. Sonic X was the introduction to the series for many in the early 2000’s. It was a high speed action anime. A handful of people hate Sonic X because of the new characters, 4Kids edits, and animation. Despite the hate, Sonic X remains a classic.

Another prominent type of misc. fan is the Archie comic fans. The Sonic comics have been running for 20 years, and is popular because of the deep plot, at least before the reboot. Archie fans are, in my opinionated view, the nicest of the Sonic fans.

For now, I’ll end this post. I’ll update it as I see more types of Sonic fans.


Author: MrBreada

Gaming man. I update my blog biannually.

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