Smash Bros. 3DS: First Impressions

Let me start this off with two statements. I am a BIG Smash Bros. fanatic, and I do not own a Nintendo 3DS. I recently got the chance to play Smash on my friend’s one, however, and I have to say this version seems pretty cool. The only feature I tried was a VS. Match, of course. Mega Man VS Link, 1 stock.

It was cool. The graphics were incredible for 3DS standards, and the characters were as easy to use as in Brawl. However, the controls were half-good. Since I mostly play on the Wii U, I am used to the Classic Controller. The 3DS’s Circle Pad sucks for me. I would rather use an Analog Stick. Other than that, the match was enjoyable, and I was surprised by the new items and Mega Man’s moveset.

However, I would not buy a 3DS just to play this game. I feel that Brawl is better. You guys enjoy the 3DS version, but I’m glad I got a Wii U instead.


Author: MrBreada

Gaming man. I update my blog biannually.

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