Review: Kirby Super Star

WiiU_screenshot_TV_0109DI remember way back, seeing commercials for the Nintendo DS game, Kirby Super Star Ultra. Sadly, I had no Nintendo DS.

A few years later, I’d gotten my hands on a Wii U, and also a Club Nintendo account. For 200 coins, I bought myself Kirby Super Star on Virtual Console.

1. Gameplay

Kirby Super Star is just like any other Kirby game, but with a twist. This time, enemies can follow you and become helpers. My sister and I had loads of fun with this feature. The only downside to this game is that sometimes, it’s super easy. You will definitely enjoy the boss battles, however.

Also, if you’ve played the Subspace Emissary, this game will be familiar to you, as Super Smash Bros. and Kirby have been developed by the same people.

2. The Grahics and Sound

Kirby Super Star looks absolutely beautiful. The colors are a feast for the eyes, though you may not want to be too close to the TV screen. Anyways, if you think that Kirby’s traditional pink-and-red color scheme is boring, you’ll enjoy swallowing enemies. Not only does Kirby have a cool-looking cap, but an even cooler color!

Sadly, the game is not 16:9, and has a bland, black border around it.

As for sound, the soundtrack is pretty cool, as it introduces classic soundtracks that reappear in most of the newer Kirby games as well.

3. The Verdict

If you want a proper introduction to the Kirby series, this is the game for you. There arw optional tutorials, and both newcomers and novices will immediately be familiar with the style. So, if you have a Wii U, 200 Club Nintendo coins, and a need for adventure, this game is for you!!


Author: MrBreada

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