Review: Super Smash Bros. Brawl

I remember in New York, when I was little, I constantly looked at the Smash Bros Dojo. I always hoped for Brawl to be the game I wanted for my entire childhood. That was around 2007. When it came out, I didn’t know, but in my heart I always wanted to just beat up people as Mario and Sonic and this new Snake guy.

In 2009, when I got Brawl, that became my signature game. For five years I have been playing Brawl, (I still own it, too!) and it is the perfect game. I will discuss why in the following review.


1. Gameplay

Before I played Brawl, I played Melee and the original Smash Bros for the Nintendo 64. (My family had a small boost in money.) Brawl’s gameplay felt the same when I first played it, but now I have realized that it’s incredibly different from Melee.

Melee is more fast-paced and hardcore, and when I first played that I almost always lost. However, Brawl was much more easier. The best part about Brawl’s gameplay was that, if you are a hardcore player, there are some challenging parts. I have played Brawl for 5 years, and I still have trouble in Cruel Brawl. I have to admit, though, Brawl’s gameplay sometimes feels too slow for my tastes.

2. The Subspace Emissary

The Subspace Emissary is a fun replacement for Adventure Mode in Melee. It feels so much like a combination of RPG, platformer, and fighting game, thanks to the stickers, which increase your stats. I will not go in detail about the plot, but the best part is getting different combinations of characters to go through levels, kick ass, and get trophies, stickers, and other collectibles along the way.

The Subspace Emissary is easily one of the best parts of the game. It has alot of replay value, and (to me) is one of the easiest ways to unlock every character. I seriously recommend this part of the game if you have Brawl.

3. The Characters

The most interesting part of the characters is the fact that there are now third-party characters, Snake from Metal Gear and Sonic from Sonic the Hedgehog. I’m a big fan of Sonic, so when I unlocked him, he became my main character. Sonic’s very useful. The newcomers to Brawl, like R.O.B. and Wario, are also very fun to use every once in a while.

Though I enjoy the large amount of characters, I only use a small amount, because I feel that most characters are clones of others and don’t need to be there. However, unlocking every character is a fun way to spend time on this game.

4. Graphics and Sound

Though the Wii isn’t as powerful as its competitors, the PlayStation 3 and the Xbox 360, Brawl’s graphics look much more impressive than games on those two systems. Some of Brawl’s level designs look like a Nintendo 64 game, but the characters themselves are beautifully designed. There are minor signs of low polygon count on the characters, but the detail of the textures themselves are what takes away from that, and makes it look cool anyway.

Speaking of the textures, the unusually darker tone of the character designs is an interesting fit for the universe of Brawl. It better fits the fact that the game is rated T.

There is a very large amount of good, good music in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. Most of the soundtracks are just remixes of old songs from Nintendo games, but those remixes give me a total eargasm. Every once in a while, when I have nothing to do, I go to the sound test in Brawl and just move my head to how awesome these songs are! When you get a CD, get it as fast as you can, because you’ll never know if you get a good song!

5. Customizing Games

The best part of Brawl is the fact that it’s on the Wii. You see, the large amount of controllers (Wii Remote, Nunchuck, Classic Controller, and GameCube controller) fit to any different type of gamer who isn’t used to a specific control style, so if you have different kinds of friends, you can all enjoy the game.

Another (minor) part of the game that really adds to the customization is the ability to add names. The sad part is, you can’t have names more than 5 letters. However, you can see your stats for each name, like how long you’ve been playing, or damage dealt. It’s very fun.

The hallmark of customizability in this game is being able to make your own levels. You can create a wide array of levels, with different music, tile sets, and sizes. There’s such a large way of making levels that it’s practically impossible to make two of the same levels. 

6. The verdict

This game. Is good. It’s a big improvement from Melee, and definitely a recommendation for first-time players of the Smash Bros. series.



Author: MrBreada

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