Concepts For Team-Heroes, My Comic Series

Since 2009 I’ve had ideas for comic series. My most predominant idea was about three kids, Cop Kid, Michael, and “Poppy”, fighting a group of aliens. That idea has since evolved, and eventually I turned it into a series called Team-Heroes. Here’s the concept for it.


Team-Heroes is a large group divided into four “suits”. Spades, Hearts, Diamonds, and the inactive Clubs. Each group is a leader, and that leader is also a Team-Heroes administrator.

Team Spade

The spades are the group from my original comic concept. The leader of the three is Cop Kid. 

Cop Kid: A psychic mastermind who was trained by an ancient group called the Psyptr. (I think up weird names alot.) Cop Kid, though very experienced, is also very stubborn and refuses to work with his team (alot of times, too).

Poppy: Poppy has a problem with his brain that makes him hyperactive. The good side to this is that he doesn’t really get tired (but he still needs rest), and he thinks very fast, and knows how to solve problems very quickly. He also knows the tactics of his enemies after studying them for a few minutes

Michael: Michael and Cop Kid are close, and they founded Team-Heroes together. Michael does not share the expertise of Cop Kid, and is much more strategic than his black-haired, psychic counterpart.

Team Heart

This group is a group of characters from other comics of mine, who eventually became part of the Team-Heroes series. Team Heart’s leader is Bert.

Aikido: A foreign-exchange student who decided to stay in the United States. Aikido is a pacifist and is (surprisingly) very rich, and has his own shirt named after him.

Tin: Tin was formerly homeless, but eventually had financial aid from Aikido. Tin, even though he is homeless, is loved by many, in poverty and riches alike. Tin has built a small suit out of aluminum foil and has the ability to turn certain substances into OTHER substances.

Bert & Berdlocke: They are the only exception to the “3 members per team only” rule. Bert & Berdlocke’s brains are mentally connected, and they know what each other is thinking. Bert is a human and Berdlocke is a giant bird. Their hairstyles unintentionally remind me of Johnny Bravo.

Team Diamonds

Team Diamonds is a group of people made specifically for Team-Heroes. No other comic series or 2009 concepts or anything. Team Diamonds is a special group because the characters themselves have disabilities or troubled pasts.

Khisae: An African child who was threatened by a racist group of men. Khisae himself is racist because he’s lived under a life of hate. However, Khisae has the ability to change his personalities with the goggles on his head. The personalities are completely different people. Blue is calmness, Red is rage, and Green is insanity. And Black is normal Khisae 😛

Rupi: A girl who learned how to fight from living in the streets (she did not have a good reputation like Tin), Rupi forgot her name and lost an arm before she was taken in by Team-Heroes. She has a metallic arm in place and it’s very strong. You better not mess with her. Khisae and Rupi are very close.

Hero EXO: Hero EXO is actually someone named Eddie. Eddie’s father was very rich and paid no attention to his son. Get it? Paid? Huehuehuehue. Anyways, Eddie stole his father’s battle suit and (surprisingly) became an anti-hero. Team-Heroes took him in after he stole a diamond.


I’m not finished fully thinking about the series yet. I’ll update the article later on.




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