AdBlock isn’t as good as you think

When making a website, many users need the money made from said website. The people who put up the advertisements pay the user making the website. It’s a good source of money to keep the website up. Without the money, the user can’t keep up with hosting the domain (hosting it costs money) and the website goes defunct.

Those users face a challenge, and that challenge is called AdBlock.

AdBlock disables ads, and if they’re not viewable on a webpage, then the advertisers won’t pay the user, you see. And, as I said before, without the money, the user can’t keep up with hosting the domain.


That’s not to say AdBlock isn’t useful. Many websites (many websites) have incredibly annoying popups that completely cover the webpage and take longer to load on the internet. The reason why I use AdBlock (which is ironic looking at this blog post) is because on YouTube I saw an advertisement of a man’s leg being impaled by a bull’s horn. Ew. THOSE are the times when AdBlock is useful. But you should not disable AdBlock on the pages that need the ads. Some harmless ads, like on Chatango or Sprites-Inc, are useful and do no harm to you. So here’s what to do. Just two things.

1. Disable AdBlock on websites that don’t pester you with ads. 

2. Enable AdBlock on websites that do pester you with ads. And by pestering ads, I mean giant ads that cover the page or loud videos.

I’m just saying that the users with their own website really need the money.




Author: MrBreada

Gaming man. I update my blog biannually.

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